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Professional Chesapeake roofers know that metal roofs have numerous advantages over other roofing types. With the exception of slate, metal roofs outlast almost every other type of roofing material. They're relatively simple to install, and they rarely need repairs. Metal roofs are resistant to pests, fire, rot and leaks, and they can shed debris like leaves and pine needles more easily than other types of roofing. For this reason, metal is an excellent roofing choice for homes in wooded areas. Additionally, the only maintenance required involves hosing them down with a pressure washer now and then and, very occasionally, applying a new coat of paint.

Homeowners can paint the roof as part of routine maintenance or whenever they want to give their home a new look. Keep in mind that many metal roofs have a ten year warranty on the finish. Therefore, if a homeowner paints the roof before the warranty period has expired, they risk voiding that warranty. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer before painting.

There is a broad spectrum of metal paint colors available on the market, and homeowners can create a custom blend of colors to achieve a precise look.

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Since painting the roof will be a large project, it makes sense to take the time to choose the new color carefully. Choose a paint that has UV protection built in. Paint that includes acrylic resin to block UV light will help to prevent untimely fading and peeling paint. There's also the option of applying a reflective top coat that will further reflect the sun to help lower cooling costs in the summertime.

When choosing the new paint color, there are a few factors to keep in mind. For a cohesive look, take into consideration the tones and colors of the rest of the house and landscaping. Unless a homeowner is striving for a brash, unconventional look, a color that blends with the rest of the home will work best. Commercial locations that want to catch the eye of passersby might consider using bright colors. Of course, keep in mind the aesthetics of the surrounding neighborhood.

Lighter colors reflect the sun's rays and deflect heat. A home in a warm climate would do better to have a roof that's light in color. Conversely, if the home is located in a colder climate, a darker color on the roof will absorb heat and help to keep the house warm. Painting a metal roof is a great way to refresh a home's curb appeal. The best color not only looks great but can save a homeowner money over time.

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