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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Leaking Skylights

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Skylights are a great way to increase the amount of light in the home. However, because skylights essentially create a weak spot in the roof, skylights can result in leaks. If there is evidence of water damage, homeowners should get in touch with Chesapeake roofers who can inspect the skylight for signs of damage.

If it is believed that a skylight may have a leak, several signs will be apparent. For example, a water stain near the top of the skylight may indicate that there is a problem with the flashing surrounding the skylight. If this is the case, water could be finding its way through the shingles and underneath the flashing. If the flashing that is around the skylight appears to be intact, it could be flashing elsewhere on the roof that is causing the problem.

Another problem that often forms is condensation, which does not necessarily cause leaks. Condensation forms on the inside of the glass when the weather becomes colder. Fixing condensation simply involves reducing the amount of humidity in the room. If improving the room's ventilation does not work, a dehumidifier can be purchased.

In order to fix any potential leaks, the roof must first be cleared of any leaf litter and debris. Next, the exterior side of the skylight and the flashing should be inspected by a professional roofer.

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The roofer will look for flashing that has been rusted or is showing signs of corrosion. If the flashing has small holes, there may be a possibility that the metal can be repaired. Otherwise, the metal pieces may be replaced. The flashing in the roof valleys and chimneys should also be inspected.

If the problem is not fixed, roofing cement can be used to seal the holes around the flashing. If the holes are located around the lens of the skylight, a tube of silicone caulking can be used to create an airtight seal.

If there is evidence that a skylight is leaking, it is best to contact a professional roofer for repairs. Many homeowners like to attempt to fix the problem themselves. However, this is not recommended because sloppy fixes often result in even more problems. If the homeowner attempts to seal a skylight leak and fails, the professional roofer will need to remove the caulk or sealant before they can go about making repairs that will actually stop the leak. Additionally, they can do a full roof inspection to ensure that the skylight leak did not cause damages to other areas of the roof.

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