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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Irregularly Shaped Windows

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The vast majority of homeowners choose to install rectangular or square windows. They are the standard in the building industry, and any window company can put them in quickly and easily. However, some people think that these windows look a bit bland or want to add a bit of character to their home that makes it stand out from the rest. These individuals often install windows that are triangular, round, semicircular or rectangular with a rounded top. In fact, the window shapes that people can have installed are virtually limitless, and quality Chesapeake roofers and window installers can make sure that any irregularly shaped window is installed correctly.

While it is often easy to get glass cut in any shape that an individual wants, the key to installing irregularly shaped windows is in the casing. This process begins by taking measurements to make sure that the casing will fit properly in the area where the window is to be installed. After that, a support system needs to be built in order to hold the window in place. Using the measurements taken, the support should be cut using 2 by 4 lumber. In general, the window casing will need a bottom sill and top header. These are secured with 8d nails and positioned to match up with the window casing's height.

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After the casing is built, individuals will need to have corner supports made that match the window's shape. While it can be difficult to do this using straight wood when creating an irregular shape, people generally only need to make sure they close in the rectangular area around the casing. The casing is then set in the hole, measured to the corner and secured with a piece of 2 by 4 wood.

The casing should then be centered in the hole before it is permanently installed. It is best to use shims to ensure that the casing is level in the hole. These should be pounded in and not touched until everything is installed permanently. The casing can then be nailed down using 8d nails on each side as well as the top and bottom. At this point, the window can be installed. It needs to feel solid and not move at all. The shim ends can then be cut using a small saw until they are even with the casing. To finish everything up, caulking can be applied to the perimeter of the casing to add additional weatherproofing.

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