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Any outdoor trade will be significantly affected by the prevailing weather conditions. Roofing is no exception. In fact, roofing is particularly prone to interruptions caused by adverse weather. This has led to the commonly held belief that roofing cannot be done in the winter or during the rainy season. However, this is only a half truth. Many experienced Chesapeake roofers know how to navigate Virginia's weather patterns and not completely shut down business during the rough weather months of the year.

Even during the summer, the wise roofer must take precautions. He must guard against sunburn, dehydration and heat exhaustion. During the winter, when snow and ice do not prevent work, roofing can be carried on if appropriately warm attire is worn.

The rainy season is very challenging for roofing contractors, but there are means of working during this time. First, careful attention to forecasts will reduce the risk of being caught by surprise in the rain. Secondly, a good roofer will learn to read the sky and clouds and will begin making the roof decking watertight long before the first raindrop falls.

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Roofers will err on the side of caution and make the roof secure if even a reasonable threat of imminent rain exists.

Finally, professional contractors adjust their work patterns during the rainy season. For example, instead of tearing off a whole roof and covering it with underlayment in one day, they will do one section of the roof at a time. Tear off, moisture guard, and new shingles will be finished in one zone before moving on to the next. The upper edges of already installed shingles will be covered with a waterproof tarp so that no water can get trapped underneath the shingles. No work can safely be done on a wet roof, however, and each section must be dry before it can be completed.

While it might be preferable to wait for summer in some respects, it is also true that a busier schedule may create a waiting list during those months. Furthermore, an emergency leak, an emergency roof replacement job or new roofing on a new house about to close may need immediate attention. Thus, it is sometimes imperative to install new roofing during less than ideal weather if at all possible. While some quick repairs might be able to help the roof last until better weather, it might be more economical to just have the roof replacement done right away.

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