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When a house needs new gutters, homeowners may be faced with a variety of options. From seamless gutters to copper units, making such a decision can be a challenge. By working with trustworthy Chesapeake roofers, property owners can sort through the options and choose the gutters best suited to their homes.

One of the first considerations is the styling of the outer edge of the gutter. K style is the most common, although rounded gutters are gaining in popularity. Both types work to drain water, but the K style can accommodate more water due to its configuration.

Another of the leading concerns that a homeowner may have when deciding upon gutters is how much maintenance they will need. Seamless gutters made of fiberglass require the least amount of maintenance, while wood requires the most. All gutters require regular cleaning so they do not develop clogs and obstructions that hamper rain drainage. However, seamless gutters are also more expensive, require professional installation and are not as easy to repair as sectional types.

The material from which gutters are made is important not only functionally, but also for aesthetic reasons. Functionally, copper lasts the longest and many people like the bright color and the patina that develops over time. Vinyl and wood gutters have the shortest lifespan but offer other advantages, and they complement the look of historic homes.

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While fiberglass gutters mimic wood as well, they cannot withstand strong winds.

Homeowners may also want to think about the color of their gutters. While some neighborhoods may require that traditional white be used, most aluminum gutter manufacturers can make them in 25 or more colors. Shades ranging from tan to green, blue, yellow and gray may be better suited to the home's overall look. Property owners may wish to match the gutters to the home's shutters, shingles or trim. Colors on aluminum gutters are baked on during the manufacturing process. This keeps the colors from flaking or peeling off after years of exposure to ultraviolet radiation and heat from the sun.

Finally, the size of the gutters and downspouts is also important. Gutters are made in widths ranging from three to six inches, with five inches being the most common. The wider the opening of both the gutter and the downspout, the more water that can be accommodated. Wider openings are also less likely to be clogged with leaves and sticks, which is important for homes located near deciduous trees. Wider gutters are also heavier and cost more.

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