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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Green Roofing Options

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One of the hottest trends in roofing is utilizing green materials. Having a green roof is more than just using green materials. Professional Chesapeake roofers will help homeowners determine how to select the best roof that will be ecologically friendly, but also help lower utility bills by providing natural insulation properties.

The first type of material that is commonly used for green roofs is tile. Tile can be recycled easily and it can handle a variety of temperatures. It is naturally ecologically friendly as it is curved to aid in ventilation, and the light colors will prevent light from reflecting back into the atmosphere. They are also a heavier material so the cool air inside the home is physically unable to escape, keeping the house cooler without having to run the air conditioner as hard during the summer.

Thermoset and thermoplastic membrane roofs are another type of green roofing material. They both insulate the building to keep the utility bills down. However, they are often used for commercial properties because they are resistant to oils and bacteria. Thermoset roofs must be constructed in a factory instead of at the property site.

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Thermoplastic membranes are available in either gray or white, preventing the sunlight from bouncing back into the atmosphere.

Another material that creates a great green roof due to its ability to be recycled is tin. Tin roofs have come a long way since the 1950s and are available in multiple colors. The tin is coated and then homeowners can have it painted to a color they desire. The lighter the color, the better it is for the atmosphere. It offers homeowners a roof that is unique in appearance, and the peace of mind knowing it can be recycled when they go to replace the roof.

Finally, the best type of green roof available is the living roof. A living roof is a roof that is ideal for homes and properties that have a flat roof. They offer nature a place to call home, as well as help process carbon dioxide into oxygen. It does require more maintenance from the homeowner, as it is essentially a garden that is kept on top of a home. It also requires the homeowner to be cognizant of the weight their roof can handle and add reinforcements to the frame if necessary. This type of roof not only helps the environment, it becomes a talking point that will increase the value of the home.

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