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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Green Roof Myths

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Green roofing can benefit environmentally conscious homeowners with their eco friendly materials, functionality and style. Green roofing is made from living materials, and its vegetation is planted over a waterproof membrane. These roofs feature a built in drainage system and root barrier system that protects the home's interior. Taking the steps to have a green roof installed is a major decision. Because these roofs are made of alternative materials to more traditional roofing products, such as asphalt shingles, homeowners may wish to consult with Chesapeake roofers to determine if a green roof is right for them.

One of the biggest myths surrounding green roofs is that, once they are installed, they are maintenance free. This is not necessarily true. During the first year, green roofs need extensive maintenance to ensure that the roots take hold and become established. Green roofs need to be routinely weeded and fertilized. When rainfall is sporadic, the homeowner will also need to check the moisture levels to keep the roof's plants from dying.

Some are concerned that installing a green roof will result in leaks. However, any roof may leak if it is not properly cared for or if it is poorly constructed.

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The vegetation growing on green roofs actually protects the waterproof membrane over which they are planted from UV light, wind and heavy rains. In other types of roofing structures, these materials may be exposed to the elements, causing them to degrade at a much faster rate.

Many homeowners believe that green roofs are too heavy to be supported by most homes' infrastructure. This may be the case if someone is looking to retrofit an existing building with a green roof, as the building was not initially designed to support this type of roof. However, new construction takes the weight of a green roof into account during the designing stage. If the home is well built, additional support structures can be installed with the purpose of retrofitting the home with a green roof.

Finally, some homeowners who want to install a green roof may also be interested in adding solar panels as well. However, there is the belief that the green roofs and solar panels cannot be paired. In fact, the two work very well together to create an eco friendly and energy efficient roof.

While green roofs may appear to be a new trend, they have actually been around in some European countries for centuries. They are becoming increasingly more popular due to their many advantages. Because each building is unique, professional roofers should determine if a building design or an existing building can support a green roof.

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