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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Enhancing Gutter Functionality

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Roofs cannot last as long as their warranty states without strong gutter systems. These horizontal channels capture water from the roof and funnel it to the ground. As Chesapeake roofers visit a property for a basic appointment, homeowners can ask about optional accessories that might enhance the system's functionality.

Although it's not optional, support brackets can be enhanced with newer models. Roof hangers work well for gutters hanging directly off an eave instead of fascia board, for example. Older supports, including spike and ferrule, are usually replaced with underside supports. These cradle like brackets hold the gutter from below, placing all the weight on the support. Older fasteners can typically break away from fascia board or the gutter itself, creating loose horizontal sections prime for puddling and cracking.

If gutters are relatively old, homeowners might want to enhance the entire system with seamless channels. These products aren't purchased in universal sizes at local home improvement stores, but are actually created at the job site. Contractors simply measure the home's dimensions and extrude the channels. There are no seams unless a connection point is reached at the elbow or downspout. These gutters are an exterior enhancement that truly improves the property value of a house.

Another type of gutter that subtly appears on the home's exterior is basic angle adjustments.

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Ideally, gutters should have a slope of one half inch for every 20 feet. Contractors have specialized training and tools to gauge the current gutter angle. They'll adjust the gutters precisely and test them for the best water flow. If angles aren't properly set, water can back up onto the roof and create leaks into the attic.

The downspout is slightly angled away from the home's exterior wall, but some homeowners want the drainage to fall even further away from the foundation. Contractors can install downspout extensions. These accessories are essentially square or rectangular tubes attached to the downspout tip. Water flows through the tube and into nearby drains. Homeowners can even adjust the tube conveniently at ground level. This type of gutter can be pointed down a driveway or into a drainage channel for best results.

During the next rainstorm, residents can venture outside when it's safe to do so and observe the gutters. All water should flow smoothly into channels without puddling or overflowing to the ground. If any section seems to slow or malfunction, make a note of this fact and contact roofers. With detailed information, contractors can easily evaluate and solve the gutter problem before it worsens.

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