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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Damage From Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

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The roof helps to keep the home safe from wind, rain, hail and other types of inclement weather. Many roofs, however, are not rated to outlast intense tropical storms or even hurricanes. A hurricane or tropical storm can still cause a good deal of damage, even with roofs that are rated to withstand high winds. As such, Chesapeake roofers should be called to inspect a roof following any major storm.

One of the most drastic ways that a tropical storm or hurricane can cause damage to the roof is by simply lifting the roof off the home. Tropical storms and hurricanes are usually accompanied by intense winds. In many cases, the roof may not be rated for wind that may be present. If the wind uplift is strong enough, the pressure may be enough to cause the roof materials to break apart. This is more likely to happen to roofs that have a low slope than a steep slope. If a new home is being built in an area that often experiences intense weather, a roof with a steep slope may be more desirable.

Completely losing a roof during a tropical storm or hurricane is a worst case scenario. Even if the roof itself remains on the home, there are still other ways that serious damages can be sustained.

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When intense winds are present, anything that is not bolted down can become a projectile. If these objects, which can include barbecue grills, lawn ornaments or patio furniture, are picked up by the wind, they could potentially go crashing through the roof. A roof with a big gaping hole in it does about as much good as no roof.

Even if the roof manages to stay on the home and it is not impacted by flying objects or debris, it is still likely that shingles will be lost or damaged. This may not be as serious as losing the roof entirely. In some cases, the roof may still be in decent condition if the interior roof components can be adequately dried in a reasonable amount of time. The missing or damaged shingles will need to be replaced, but these repairs should not cost the homeowner as much as replacing the entire roof.

Roofs can be retrofitted to better withstand intense storms or hurricanes after they have been built. If tropical storms or hurricanes are a major possibility, a trusted roofer should be contacted for recommendations.

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