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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Common Metal Roof Misconceptions

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Homeowners interested in a long lasting and reliable roofing system will be pleased with a metal rooftop installation. Though this system can be very advantageous, many believe that it is not a good choice based on several metal roofing myths that they believe are true. Chesapeake roofers strongly encourage all homeowners to keep some of the following misconceptions in mind before they think about a metal roofing installation.

One of the most common misconceptions that people will have is that metal roofs attract more lighting to the home. People believe that this is a fact because they know that metal is a good conductor of electricity. However, while metal may conduct electricity well, it does not draw electricity to it. Lightning usually strikes the tallest structure in an area. In the unlikely event that the home is hit, the homeowner will be grateful for their system because metal rooftops will not catch fire, unlike other rooftops.

Another common myth that many people believe is that metal rooftops are noisy. Because of the physical properties of the material, people often believe that acoustic pollution will be amplified. While it may be true with single sheets of metal, a metal roofing system is actually insulated against noise pollution. Thanks to sheathing and other installation procedures, metal rooftops will never be louder than asphalt ones.

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Some metal roofing systems are actually designed to block out noise, resulting in a much more sound protected home.

Some homeowners may believe that a metal roofing system will rust quickly when it is faced with inclement weather. This is usually one of the first considerations that roofing manufacturers make when they develop their products. Metal tiles and shingles are made from alloys that are designed to resist rust and decay, such as galvanized steel and aluminium. As part of roof maintenance, sealants can be applied to the roofing system in order to provide additional weather and moisture protection.

Finally, many believe that metal roofs may be subject to denting when they are hit with hail or walked upon. The fact is that metal roofing systems can be some of the most durable chosen for the home. They can withstand hail, rain and heavy winds for many years without suffering any visible signs of damage. The same is true for any type of pressure. When a roofing professional needs to inspect the top of a metal roof, he or she can walk across it easily without having to worry about scuffing or damaging it.

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