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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Checking Your Roof For Leaks

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Water stains on the walls of a home may cause mold or an extremely unpleasant odor. They are also quite unsightly and embarrassing. To find out whether it is necessary to call Chesapeake roofers, the roof must be checked for leaks. This process is not too complicated, but can be overwhelming and dangerous if not done properly.

Roof leaks can cause serious problems in a short time. Even small leaks can do severe damage if not fixed quickly. Leaks can cause a large amount of mold and rotted roofing. This is dangerous and may even lead to a collapsed roof.

The first thing to do when attempting to find a leak is locate the water stains on the roof. Once the stains have been located, look at the parts of the roof higher than the stains. Water is inevitably pulled downwards by gravity, so the leaks should lead to some sort of penetration in the roof above. Penetrating objects include chimneys, vents, and dormers, but could be anything. Leaks almost always start from one of these penetrations. Seldom does water break through shingles that are not interrupted by a chimney, vent, or dormer.

Note that if the house has attic access, which a lot of new houses don't, it should be possible to locate the leak from underneath.

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The stains on the wood in the attic are usually darker and more visible than anywhere else. A source of light is important so that the leak can be examined more closely.

If attic access is unavailable and the leak or leaks are not easily located on the roof, it is necessary to use a hose to find them. One person needs to go up on the roof with the hose, while a helper stays below. The person on the roof should start by soaking the area just above the water stains in the house. It is important that the person on the roof does one area at a time in an organized fashion. This will help their assistant locate the leak. The assistant should stay inside the house at all times and wait for the water to begin dripping.

The person on the roof is advised to let the hose run for several minutes in each area. This gives their helper plenty of time to locate the leak. When the helper does find the leak, they should yell loudly enough that the person on the roof hears them and stops.

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