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Chesapeake Roofers: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Roof Trusses

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Roof truss designs are commonly used in modern homes due to the many advantages that they offer. Trusses can be identified by their triangular shape and their ability to span large distances. When a homeowner is in need of a new roof installation, or wants to give an existing building a new look, Chesapeake roofers can help.

Roof trusses are assembled at a manufacturing plant and then moved to a construction site. Once at the site, they can erected extremely fast. Once they are put into place, they provide an extremely stable structure for the roof. These structures are also relatively inexpensive in exchange for the stability they provide. Because they are ready to install as soon as they arrive at the construction site, any roof framing project can be completed very quickly.

The other major advantage to the roof truss design is that trusses offer a wide range of variability. In addition to regular level ceilings, trusses can be used to create custom cathedral ceilings as well. Depending on the style preferences of the homeowner, almost any type of roof design can be created.

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If homeowners wish to have cathedral ceilings installed in one part of the home but not in another, a custom truss can be designed and then installed, for instance. In some cases, these trusses are often left visible as part of the home's interior design.

The biggest downside to roof trusses is that many types of trusses do not leave much space for a usable attic. There are certain designs that will create a small space, but this space is often half the span of the truss. If the homeowner wants to have a bedroom or spacious living room in the attic, trusses may not be the best option.

Roof rafters and ceiling joists are alternatives to roof trusses. Rafters and ceiling joints can be used to create complex and unique roof lines. Roof trusses, on the other hand, can be customized but are often limited to less complex designs. The downside to using traditional rafters and ceiling joists is that it can be expensive for professional roofers to cut the pieces of lumber down to the right sizes. This can cause more variability in the lengths of the rafters. This also means that it can take much longer for the roofers to install the framing. Regardless, the use of trusses ultimately is determined by the design and functionality preferences of the homeowner.

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